Ever since our humble beginnings over 20 years ago, we never looked left or right, but carved our own path. No references, no copies, no competition. Just looking straight ahead and define the future ourselves. And that is exactly what we still do and defines Buddha to Buddha. We don’t use chains and make a bracelet, we make chains and craft them from nothing. We are the chainmakers, leading the pack.

Of course, trends influence the way we design and we listen carefully to what the market is up to, translating them with our own brand values into our new products. The results are surprising, astonishing and with a clear Buddha to Buddha signature over and over again, a result of the harmony between our designers in Amsterdam, our craftsmen in Bali and the rest of our organization. A balance that is the essence of everything called “Buddha to Buddha”.


Buddha to Buddha is known for its handmade 925 sterling silver bracelets that are all crafted with passion and skill. It will take a silversmith 2 to 3 days to create a single bracelet. This may not sound very economical, but we at Buddha to Buddha pride ourselves that at a time where “real-time”, “direct delivery” and “swiftness” are valued buzz words, we don’t compromise. Only if you understand the beauty and art of our jewelry, you will value and cherish every single, unique item in the collection.

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