1. A conversation between one human being and another.

Since its creation in Amsterdam in 1997, Buddha to Buddha has become renowned for its bold 925 sterling silver bracelets.

The brand is inspired by the Buddha to Buddha way of life; the philosophy of living consciously and enjoying, making the most of each day in an easy-going and natural manner, an Eastern, almost spiritual approach - but far from being dreamy.

The collections are designed by skilled craftsmen and crafted by the finest of silversmiths in Bali.

Each piece takes approximately 2 days to create. All pieces are made of sterling silver, some combined with precious stones and leather. All jewels are made by hand. Each piece has its unique elements and individual personality and soul, giving the wearer a timeless piece of jewelry to cherish for life.

Buddha to Buddha has recently launched the two innovative watch collections, titled ‘Aquatic Explorer’ and ‘Accelerator’.

Both of which consist of Swiss made robust watches for men and women, made with the highest level of craftsmanship. Inspired by the enigmatic ocean and our love of change and the eternal movement that surrounds us all, they perfectly embody the free-spirited brand philosophy that is Buddha to Buddha. The watch collections are designed to provide years of outstanding timekeeping performance.

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