Since the creation of Buddha to Buddha in 1997, the silver jewelry brand is inspired by the Buddha way of life; a world where consciousness, love and joy prevails. It all started when the Dutch founder Batul sketched a design of a bracelet while on a spiritual journey in Asia. He showed his design to a local silversmith who then made the bracelet for him. The bracelet represented therefore a meaningful connection and Batul decided to share what he felt was symbolic of his personal contemplation and celebration with others.

Buddha to Buddha is an Amsterdam based lifestyle brand, one that celebrates life and its many contradictions. Known worldwide for its outstanding timeless jewelry designs made from 925 sterling silver. Buddha to Buddha jewelry is created by hand, by the world’s best craftsmen on Bali, Indonesia.

As the brand continues to flourish, in fact having recently celebrated its 20th anniversary, craftsmanship is at the core of Buddha to Buddha’s silver jewelry. You don’t need to have a spiritual connection to its jewelry, just a penchant for beautifully designed, top-quality, unique and conversational high-end accessories.