189SN-Spirit Bead Mini Snowflake Bracelet Front Buddha-To-Buddha
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    189SN - Spirit Bead Mini Snowflake Bracelet


      The Spirit Bead Mini Snowflake bracelet is influenced from prayer beads and is translated into a Buddha to Buddha design with its iconic sterling silver lock. The gemstone beads have great beauty and spiritual meaning. This bracelet contains black lava stones with alternating snowflake obsidian stones. Obsidian promotes balance to the body, mind, and spirit. The lava stones help relax and calm the emotions. The bracelet is handmade and timeless like all our jewelry. It matches very well with leather or silver pieces. The mini spirit beads are smaller than the spirit bead bracelets.

    • Premium .925 Sterling Silver & Lava and Obsidian Stone
    • Bracelet measures 6 mm / 0.2 inches wide
    • Closure - Tab insert with side lock
    • Handcrafted in Bali with love
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      Perfect gift for Boyfriend or Hubby...You will love!

      I have one of pickiest of Boyfriend in the world and this past Valentines Day I wanted to get him something special that could be delivered to Him in the Netherlands since I am in the US for work and due to COVID we wouldn't Make it to each other I wanted to make sure it was something that he can wear all the time that wasnt uncomfortable, bulky, heavy or low quality but rather classy, unique, edgy and most of all comfortable and long lasting so that he could wear all the time and feel me close though I am on the other side of the world.... He already owns some pieces from Buddha to Buddha so I knew the brand was right and the fact that it would delivered to the Netherlands I only was worried he wouldn't like the beaded style.... To my relief and total shock he instantly feel in love I couldn't picked anything better he adores it... This bracelet is the perfect love bracelet for men and woman quality is amazing so happy thank you Buddha to Buddha